Thetys, from Venezuela to the Rhum

Published on 01 february 2015 at 0h00

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We chose the islands of Blanquilla and Tortuga. The Coastguards were understanding about the problem of our papers, reassuring about safety, and welcoming, with fresh fish and even...fuel for the dinghies! Cruising boats have deserted these wild, arid islands, where some good-sized crayfish were enjoyed in profusion. As for my little windsurfer with its red sail, it was used again with great pleasure, in the warm, clear waters bordering the big Heradura beach, on Tortuga. At sunset, the moment was magic! At Blanquilla, Philéas, Datura and Melodio joined us for an active stay: walks ashore, gargantuan barbecues on the beach, fishing together, burning rubbish, lengthy swimming sessions. Our paths then separated, Thetys heading north-east, to land in Les Saintes (Guadeloupe) on just one tack. Off-season, the village of Terre de Haut gave us time to get back to civilization gently. But the first boats in the Route du Rhum would be arriving soon, so we crossed the Saintes channel to reach Pointe à Pitre, where our ...

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