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Tolimara: In The BVI

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The BVI are made up of around 50 different islands and islets. Having completed the entry formalities, we anchored in a deserted creek. We were alone. Perhaps it was the coming and going of the airplanes over our heads which had emptied the area. We were anchored a kilometer from the airport because we were to pick up two new passengers: Grandpa Bernard and Grandma Edwige. Everything goes according to plan. Eight months without seeing their grandchildren was starting to get hard to bear for both sides. They had smuggled a few goodies over to us too: home-dried duck breast, foie gras, sausage and rosé wine, all carefully packed into socks at the bottom of their bags. While we were doing all that, Raphaël came out of the water with two langoustines for that night's dinner. The archipelago forms a kind of protected sea, surrounded by lots of islets which offer sheltered mooring fields for every type of boat without having to do much sailing. Our new stopover was at Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda, which meant new encounters. Sat at the table next to us was a French mother with her two teenage sons! Hallelujah! Frédérique had set out on a trip around the Atlantic with her two sons. We get on immediately. It's a chance for us to try out scuba diving, because they have all the equipment on board. Incredible sensations, a magnificent environment and a huge, real-life aquarium. For our second dive the next day, we explored an old shipwreck, the RMS Rhône off Salt Island, accompanied by turtles and barracudas…amazing! Our kids deserted us while we went sailing, jumping ship onto the other boat with the teenagers. They get on like a house on fire. We have a great time on board, with menus fit for a masterchef: half south west France, half local. Once there are langoustines and foie gras, everything's going to be alright!

Who: Thomas, Lisa, Mathilde and Raphaël: The TOLIMARAS

Boat: Pouplier 3, Catana 47

Where: BVI, Atlantic Ocean


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