Zanzibar: so many questions...

The little family has chartered Zanzibar for a year’s sailing to the West Indies. Cécile takes stock of the existential questions which are part of their daily life...

Has someone checked the post? Should we cut the hedges? Have you forgotten the keys? Are you going to pick the children up from school? Have you remembered to set the alarm? Have we paid the last water bill? All these questions are ancient history. But there are lots of new ones, and to give you a better idea of what our daily life is like, here is a ‘best of’. Are there any mooring lines up forward? Have we stowed the fenders? Has someone lifted the boarding ladder? Whose is this swimming costume? Who forgot to stow their fins? Are you coming swimming with me? How much chain should we veer? Have you lifted the dinghy? Have you put more fuel in the dinghy outboard? Who forgot to put the tablet on charge? How long can we go without going shopping again? Shall we anchor here? What’s the weather forecast say? When are we leaving (and once we have left, when will we arrive)? What are we going to eat? Are you going to take the first watch? Where are we going to sleep? What’s that light – is it ashore or afloat? Why have I got a piece of Lego in my cap? Shall we set the genny, or start the engine? It’s dropping, isn’t it (with its variants: it’s getting stronger? it’s backing? it’s veering?)? Should we tack, perhaps? How many knots? What’s the course? Has someone switched on the anchor light?Where are we? Where have we come from? Where are we going? These last three questions are to be taken literally for us, a little family aboard Zanzibar. We will perhaps come to ask the same questions about human beings in general, but for the moment it’s not yet the case...



Who: Cécile & Olivier, Gaëtan, Quentin

Where: Zanzibar, Atlantic Ocean

Boat:   Nautitech 435


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