family cruising

Zen Roots: or the story of an Iroquois that just wants to be loved…

Published on 20 july 2017 at 0h00

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Neither of us had done any sailing. We would learn. Alex had read loads of books on the subject in the last year! And seasickness? That was another reason to buy a catamaran as it would be more stable. It was the price which held us up. So we started looking at monohulls because of this and despite the seasickness issue. However, all the advantages of a multihull were very obvious to us. And it was then that a little bit of magic happened. Or at least the magic of social media. We happened upon a catamaran that was really not that expensive: a 1971 Iroquois. Small and in need of some TLC, but accessible to us.

It was a tall order: from the photos it really, really needed some serious attention. We decided to go and check it out anyway. The ...

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