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GUNBOAT 62 - Successful Synthesis of Cruiser and Racer in a Bluewater Catamaran

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The GUNBOAT 62, Peter Johnstone’s synthesis of racing catamaran and blue water cruiser, has been sailing the world’s oceans since he launched Tribe, his personal prototype of the design a couple of years ago. Since that time, 3 more 62s and a 48 have been built, a remarkable accomplishment considering the world’s economy, and the state of war in the Mideast. In this article, we give a tantalizing glimpse of Mr. Johnstone’s collaboration with designers Morrelli & Melvin.

General Appearance.

A distinctly more angular outline than many of the cruising cats in its size category is the GUNBOAT 62’s most distinguishing feature. With plumb bows, level decks extending to short sugar scoop transoms and a flat top bridge deck, the GUNBOAT 62's lines are distinctly different from the elliptical outlines of the majority of other contemporary catamarans, especially those made in South Africa as is the GUNBOAT 62. Walk-through doors from the front of the salon to a working cockpit just behind the mast are the second distinctive feature of this catamaran. This construction alone subverts an inverted bowl shape bridge deck outline. Mr. Johnstone continues a vertical and angular theme in the nearly vertical windows and square corners of the bridge deck roof and sides. The lines of the bridge deck follow those of the hull to give a consistent and balanced appearance. Placement of the working cockpit forward of the salon imposes new proportions on the overall layout of the GUNBOAT 62 compared to many more abundant cruising catamarans in this size range. Starting from the bows, mesh trampolines are larger in size than those on other catamarans, and the distance f...

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