Mainsail track and sliders

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He takes an interest in all the innovative solutions which could have a place aboard multihulls (he was the inventor, on the trimaran William Saurin, of the first luff tracks with ball roller sliders, taking mainsheet travelers and fitting them to a mast). With him, we discovered the sensational and very economical Tides Marine system, consisting of a shaped track in high polymerisation polyethylene, specially adapted to fit your luff groove, with polished stainless steel slides, suitable for all mainsails of up to 50m². The absence of friction when hoisting and furling is remarkable, and fitting requires no drilling; you don’t even have to climb the mast! The price: 156 euros inc. tax per meter, with the batten slides, those for the headboard, and the intermediates. A genuine top-quality alternative to more expensive and sophisticated systems.

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