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ARC 2023 - Start From Las Palmas

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Las Palmas, almost an unavoidable stopover on the Atlantic route from Europe, welcomed thousands of sailors during the month of November, when the north-easterly trade winds begin to set in. These crews included a total of 1,300 sailors flying the ARC colors (ARC and ARC +) aboard 253 sailboats. During our visits to the pontoons, we got a measure of the Starlink revolution: only one entrant was equipped last year, compared with 80% of the fleet today... The quality of the connections offered by this satellite operator makes it possible to efficiently follow weather developments, keep in touch those ashore and even work as if at the office! For the first time since we’ve been following ocean-going crews, Vincent, aboard Outremer 51 Piment Rouge, will be sharing his transatlantic passage with us via his videos, which we’ll be relaying.

Another special feature of this 2023 edition will be the large number of diesel cans strapped to the guardwires: in a context of very light winds, unusual for the season, the engines (authorized with a penalty for the Multihull category) are likely to be much in demand aboard many of the multihulls.

After two weeks of seminars, meetings and safety inspections, the atmosphere on the docks was becoming truly electric during the last three days running up to the start. Studying the weather, stocking up on fresh supplies, washing fruit and vegetables - everyone realized that there was an ocean to cross... Some crew members are more Zen than others: the oldest sailor in the ARC, Joff Hutchinson, 89, declared: “I’ve been sailing for 82 years and I’ve always wanted to cross the Atlantic. Now that my sons have retired, there’s no better time”.

The start was relaxed, with the fleet setting off in a light southerly breeze and glorious sunshine, guaranteeing a smooth start for everyone to get their sea legs.

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