Eco-boating Sailing - Tips From Multihulls World and Lagoon

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Our Forever Green Special Edition, as we have already mentioned, prompted a few ideas and that's a good thing! Lagoon therefore ask us to put into pictures our article on eco-yachting written by our collaborator Patrick Jean. The shipyard booked us its brand-new Lagoon 51 for our shoot - the catamaran was at Port-Grimaud, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, in the South of France. Accompanied by our team and the team from Lagoon, Patrick drew up a plan, and transformed it into a dozen shots. Romain Claris took care of the images, and the editing. Gwen, our marketing and sales manager, has acted - successfully, right?

Discover our Special Edition #18 FOREVER GREEN

Lagoon 51 full test


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