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Excess 11: first trip out under sail!

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The winter weather didn’t seem to have discouraged the yard's testers... The Excess 11 is the first model in the range to be free from a Lagoon heritage, so the molds are all new. Noticeable are the marked double chine and the aft bunks, fitted athwartships. This catamaran also has the advantage of occupying a segment that has been frankly neglected for the past ten years or so - catamarans under 40 feet. Could this be the replacement for the mythical Lagoon 380?

Builder: Excess Catamarans

Architects: VPLP

Overall length: 11.33 m (37’2”)

Beam: 6.59 m (21’7”)

Draft: 1.15 m (3’9”)

Light displacement (CE): 9 t (19,840 lbs)

Air draft: 17.27 m (56’8”)

Sail area: 77 or 82 m² (830 or 880 sq ft)

Code 0: 54 m² (582 sq ft)

CE Certification: A: 8 - B: 12 - C: 16 - D: 20

Engines: 2 x 29 hp

Fuel: 100 l (26 US gal)

Water: 300 l (79 US gal)

Price: TBA

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