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Excess 11: World premiere at Düsseldorf

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Following the unveiling of the 12 and the 15 at the Cannes Yachting Festival, this is the third model in the new range of catamarans launched by Bénéteau. The Excess 11 is of twofold interest: first of all, they are investing in a size segment - the under 40-foot class - neglected by the major shipyards; and secondly, this new model no longer relies on an existing Lagoon mold. The result: the displacement is contained to 9 t (19,840 lbs). This is more than the Lagoon 380 (at 7.26 t), but less than the 39 (11.67 t). As for the hulls, they gain in finesse at the waterline. The nacelle has become so compact that the mast is found forward, and not on the coachroof. The trampolines are huge, so another great feature. The living area seems to fit in rather well with the limited volume, and the cabins, especially those aft, with the berths athwartships, are a success. As standard with the Excess range, a steering wheel on each hull, double movable seats, the opening bimini and self-tacking jib.

Builder: Excess Catamarans

Architects: VPLP

Overall length: 11.33 m (37’2”)

Beam: 6.59 m (21’7”)

Draft: 1.15 m (3’9”)

Light displacement (CE): 9 t (19,840 lbs)

Air draft: 17.27 m (56’8”)

Sail area: 77 or 82 m² (830 or 880 sq ft)

Code 0: 54 m² (582 sq ft)

CE Certification: A: 8 - B: 12 - C: 16 - D: 20

Motors: 2 x 29 hp

Fuel: 100 l (26 US gal)

Water: 300 l (79 US gal)

Price: € 235,000 ex-tax


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