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N° SP18

September / October

Multihulls World

Issue #: SP18

Published: September / October 2022

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100% Green. And with a smile!

This special Forever Green issue is probably the first ever magazine from the nautical press to present its entire content from an eco-responsible angle. Some people will call us greenbashers. Our response is that we have made sure that our articles are just as exciting as all our others - those of the “normal” editions of Multihulls World - and above all, we don’t want to tell anyone what to do. Taking stock of the environment can’t be done in a single magazine. It is up to all of us to act, to think about it, to prepare ourselves for a more virtuous, cleaner world... Some of us resist, contest, bury our heads in the sand, play for time. These may be sailors. They may be more heavily impacted than others by new laws and directives that could be very restrictive for polluting emissions and waste – internal combustion engines will be particularly targeted, as we can already see in the automobile industry. If our articles raise the awareness of these readers, we’ve done our job. The comparison with cars is ultimately a blessing: aboard a multihull, there are no rubber particles from tires or dust from brake pads to confuse the message - just seas and oceans to be preserved by stopping CO2 emissions, better waste management and special care for the fragile seabed.

Though your favorite magazine is widely read in digital format, it is still distributed in paper form - we have checked with our printer that their working methods and the paper used is green compatible. We have just decided to do without the cover varnish, a product that is not very ecological.

This special issue #18 ultimately marks the commitment of everyone on the Multihulls World team behind the green projects and initiatives of boat builders, equipment manufacturers and sailors – we’re at your side!

Enjoy reading,

Emmanuel van Deth - Editor in Chief

Gerbert Rambaud - CEO of Jours de Passions



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