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N° 187

January / February
Multihulls World #187

Multihulls World

Issue #: 187

Published: January / February 2023

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Multihulls, paper and digital...

Multihulls World was one of the first specialized media publications to go digital: the famous millennium bug (which in the end flopped all by itself) is still well remembered! The content of our magazines has been online for over 20 years now, in web or pdf format, faithful to the paper layout. As for the “real” digital version on the Multihulls World app, i.e. the pdf enriched with all the internet links, slide shows and videos - that version has been running since 2009. The late 2000s also saw the rise of social media, Facebook in particular, but today we are also on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok. As for our YouTube channel, it was born in 2009. Yes, and then? Well, after that, we set out to make the Multihulls World machine more fluid by making easier access to content.

Now you’re saying to yourself “OK, so paper is finished...”. Well, no, it isn’t! It is precisely our paper archives that enabled us to scan all the multihull tests published before our new digital era. In this 180-page Buyer’s Guide, you’ll find nearly 150 sailing multihulls. And just think that we have more than 500 complete tests in our files, all accessible by a simple click on our website! In addition, we’ve been working hard to improve our video offering.

For the past year, the content we offer has been exclusively ours. These videos include all the links you might be interested in - including the related article, and features if it’s a boat test. Explore the files, click on the Plus on the right, and get familiar with this great visual medium.

What about the paper magazine? Well, that’s become interactive too! Thanks to QRCodes, boats tests and videos are now directly accessible. Read, scan, discover! I took the trouble to count them for you: in this issue, it represents 85 tests and more than 70 videos - 250 hours of exclusive content. Is paper really losing out in the digital revolution? In our opinion, No! And we intend to show you that multihulls, paper and digital are a good match, thanks to a forthcoming tutorial campaign.

Enjoy reading - and watching!

Emmanuel van Deth
Editor in Chief

Gerbert Rambaud
CEO of Jours de Passions

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