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2023 Sail Buyer's Guide - Multihulls from 30 to 40 feet

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On course for semi-offshore cruising

The Tricat 30 offers all the comfort a crew of up to 6 could wish for, thanks to a very comfortable central hull - panoramic saloon - and a vast cockpit. Powerful, the Tricat 30 remains easy to handle for the whole family or on your own. In port, it folds easily while afloat to limit its beam to 11’6” (3.50 m). Its structural stiffness allows it to have exceptional speed potential: the 30 has already been caught at over 20 knots. And you’ll be reaching these speeds all the more easily as the mainsail is now bigger thanks to a new rig. At least ten Tricat 30s have been delivered since 2016. An excellent platform for semi-offshore cruising.

Builder: Tricat
Length: 30’2”/35’9” (9.2/10.9 m)
Beam: 11’6”/23’ (3.5/7 m)
Light displacement: 5,180 lbs (2,35 t)
Draft: 19”/5’3” (0.48/1.6 m)
Mainsail: 425/484 sq ft (39.5/45 m²)
Jib: 237/264 sq ft (22/24.5 m²)
Engine: 10/15 HP outboard
Price: € 174,833 ex-tax


The DNA of the Corsair 31 is still plain to see…

The Corsair 970 – also known as the Cruze 970 - took over from the Corsair 31 more ten years ago now. Fans of folding trimarans know how much the Corsair 31 left its mark on people’s minds. With more than 300 examples built, it is one of the yard’s best-sellers.
The Corsair 970 didn’t take any unnecessary risks: it was really an evolution of the Corsair 31, but with greater comfort on board, more in line with the Corsair 37. On board the 970, there’s about 15% more space than on the 31 and notably, much better headroom, as you can now stand upright in the saloon... But this comfort in no way hinders the seakeeping qualities of the Cruze 970, which remains a true Corsair trimaran. The Sport, and especially the Carbon, versions are obviously higher performing. It goes without saying that the 970 is foldable, using the system so highly prized by the yard.

Builder: Corsair Marine
Construction: glass/polyester/PVC sandwich
Length: 31’10” (9.7 m)
Beam: 22’7”/8’4” (6.88/2.55 m)
Light displacement: 4,800 lbs (2,18 t)
Draft: 18”/6’11” (0.45/2.1 m)
Mainsail: 382/452 sq ft (35.5/42 m²)
Genoa: 188/247 sq ft (17.5/23 m²)
Spi: 872/925 sq ft (81/86 m²)
Engine: 10 to 15 HP outboard


Long live those wave-piercing floats

The first-generation Dragonfly 32 marked the history of Quorning Boats with more than 50 examples built. The Evolution replaced the Supreme version in 2019, with 20% larger floats and a more powerful rig. The stretched underwater hulls of the floats, the higher volume and the inverted bows are a real plus with a cross-sea or for sporty sailing. Admittedly, at the same price, the Dragonfly 32 Evo offers a third of the living space of an honest 40-foot catamaran, but what are we looking for when we choose this boat? A ...

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