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2023 Sail Buyer's Guide - Forever green

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Mini-foils and folding floats

This little sistership to the 853 was splashed for the first time at the 2021 La Rochelle boat show. Despite the rush to get her ready – bare interior and missing centerboard, the 703 managed to show good performance under sail during our tests. The small size of this trimaran prompted the yard to develop a quick-folding system to facilitate road transport. In addition to the centerboard and the two rudders, each float is equipped with a semi-foiling system. The aim is therefore not to fly, but to provide downwind lift - more power and the ability to carry more canvas. The marked chine of the central hull reconciles the finesse of the underwater hull and habitable volume – 5’ (1.50 m) headroom. The builder also proposes an electric motor rather than a combustion one. The (for now) limited range under electric power is more than compensated for by the boat’s speed under sail.

Builder: Rega YACHT
Length: 22’11” (6.99 m)
Beam: 8’4”/19’6” (2.55/5.95 m)
Light displacement: 1,875 lbs (850 kg)
Draft: 15”/3’10” (0.38/1.16 m)
Mainsail: 290 sq ft (27 m²)
Jib: 130 sq ft (12 m²)
Spinnaker: 270 sq ft (25 m²)
Outboard: 4 kW


Fixed arms

On the trimaran market, fixed arm models are rare... apart from offshore racing boats and NEEL, but these aren’t in the sub-thirty-foot sector. The Libertist’s ambition is to establish a fixed structure in the 23-40’ (7-12 m) category. Bearing the signature of Erik Lerouge, the Polish shipyard Rega Yacht does however offer its 853 in a folding version (8’4”/2.55m folded). A formula that allows them to join a small but active market, mainly occupied by Dragonfly, Corsair, Astus and Tricat. The 853 is elegant, extremely fast and manages to offer an amazing volume in a central hull of only 28’ (8.5 m). Note that the yard is working on two bigger models, the Libertist 1003 and the 1203.

Builder: Rega YACHT
Architect: Erik Lerouge
Construction: Glass/epoxy foam sandwich (infusion), carbon arms
Length: 28’ (8.53 m)
Beam: 23’4” (7.1 m)
Draft: 18”/6’5” (0.45/1.95 m)
Light displacement: 3,085 lbs (1,400 kg)
Height and surface of rotating mast: 44’8”/43 sq ft (13.60 m/4 m²)
Mainsail: 430 sq ft (40 m²)
Self-tacking jib: 205 sq ft (19 m²)
Spinnaker: 840 sq ft (78 m²)
Motor: 6 kW


Going green

The Palma 30 project is the result of collaboration between Nicolas Purnu, Marc Lombard’s long-time partner in multihull design, and Jean-Noël Lebrun, a specialist in composite construction. The hulls and deck of the Palma 30 will be made using a PVC foam/glass/vinylester sandwich in infusion. Light and well-canvassed, this catamaran, scheduled to be launched next spring, is switching to electric mode in its Grand Voyageur version: its electric motors will offer a ...

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