'Quintessential', a new 100-foot catamaran

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This is the case for 'Quintessential', a brand new catamaran built in composites, and recently launched in New Zealand by Yachting Developments.
We like the resolutely innovative look of the boat, designed by Warwick Yacht Design and with an interior from the talented Redman Whitely Dixon. The first tests have been very conclusive, and less than three weeks after its launch, the boat has left with its new owner for the Pacific islands. During the tests, Quintessential's cruising speed was between 10 and 12 knots under engine (2 x 455hp) with a top speed of 14 knots and above all, 14 knots under sail with just 12 knots of true wind (builder's data)!!! Not bad for a catamaran whose displacement is 115 tonnes.   
As for the accommodation, there is everything you could dream about aboard, as you can imagine. But if you are lacking in imagination, go and have a look at the builder's web site, to dream a little...  

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