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20 to 30 feet - SAILING BUYER’S GUIDE 2021

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This model, first presented to the public in 2018, is as fun to helm as it is practical and easy to set up. The Astus is a pocket trimaran designed by VPLP that has seen remarkable success, with 44 examples already built in less than three years. The most active owners have got together and are working, in association with the Astus Boats shipyard, to establish a one-design class. The immediate objective is to participate in the next Spi Ouest France regatta in France. The 20.5 is particularly exciting in the Sport version, as it offers 260 sq ft (24 m²) upwind for a weight of less than half a ton. Enough to have fun and sensation, especially when the gennaker is out! Like the other models in the range, it adopts a telescopic link system for the arms. The interior layout is compact, but still offers a mini saloon and a double berth. The strong points of the 20.5 for coastal cruising: pivoting appendages and a large 172 sq ft (16 m²) sailing platform.

Builder: Astus Boats
Architect: VPLP
Length: 19’6” (5.95 m)
Beam: 8’2”/14’9” (2.48/4.50 m)
Light displacement: 1,036 or 1,080 lbs (470 or 490 kg) 
Draft: 10”/4’1” (0.25/1.25 m)
Upwind sail area: 226 or 260 sq ft (21 or 24 m²)
Sail area downwind: 366 or 452 sq ft (34 or 42 m²)
Gennaker: 215 or 280 sq ft (20 or 26 m²)
CE category: C5/D7 
Engine: 2 to 6 HP
Price: € 23,166 ex-tax (Leisure)

TEST in MW148

The Pulse 600 is the smallest of the Corsair trimarans, but is no less attractive! As the name suggests, this little rocket weighing less than 1,000 lbs (500 kilos) is above all, made for racing, and some small fleets have begun appearing, notably in Australia. Its three sharp and inverted bows give it a great look... a design as radical as it is efficient because on the water, you’re immediately won over by the potential of this machine. The cockpit is large enough to accommodate three people – and you can quickly hike out onto the floats to give the Pulse even more power. The removable coachroof houses a large watertight locker. No fitting-out or berths: it’s simply a shelter that can be used at anchor. The Pulse 600 is of course transportable and foldable

Builder: Corsair Marine
Architect: François Perus
Length: 19’6” (5.95 m)
Beam: 8’/14’9” (2.45/4.50 m)
Weight: 992 lbs (450 kg)
Draft: 9”/4’ (0.22/1.20 m)
Mainsail: 205 sq ft (19.1 m²)
Jib: 76 sq ft (7.1 m²)
Spinnaker: 345 sq ft (32 m²)
Price: € 29,999/US$ 35,900 ex-tax

TEST in MW163

Introduced in 2018, the Tricat 20 is the smallest model in the range. Though designed primarily for day-sailing, it also excels on coastal trips, where its compact size, maneuverability and performance are outstanding. The Tricat 20, with over 40 units already built, naturally reflects the success of its predecessors, ...

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