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40 to 45 feet - SAILING BUYER’S GUIDE 2021

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The objective of the South African builder Maverick Yachts with this 400 is clearly to offer maximum comfort - worthy of that of a house - on board a 40-foot catamaran. The hull shapes are designed above all to be safe in bad weather and capable of taking a large payload. The 400 is easy to manage short-handed and has been optimized for easy maintenance. The finish of the fittings is absolutely meticulous. This model is available in a three or four-cabin version.

Builder: Maverick Yachts
Architect: Phil Southwell
Length: 40’ (12.2 m)
Beam: 24’5” (7.45 m)
Draft: 2’11” (0.9 m)
Displacement: 21,950 lbs (9.5 t)
Mainsail: 640 sq ft (59.4 m²) 
Genoa: 350 sq ft (32.6 m²)
Engines: 2 x 30 HP
Fuel: 2 x 105 US gal (2 x 400 l)
Water: 2 x 132 US gal (2 x 500 l)
Price: n/a

NEW / TEST in MW173/ MOTY 2021 Nominee

The Bali range now counts nine models – some of which, however, are soon to disappear from the catalog, currently well-served in the 40 to 54-foot range. The Bali Catspace is the smallest, but not the least ambitious: She offers four cabins and ten berths in a length of just 40 feet. As a bonus, a gigantic flybridge, unusual in this size. On the lower deck, the areas are designed to be used to the maximum thanks to the integrateddeck. However, careful construction allows the displacement to be kept to 9.2 t lightship. To fully enjoy cruising, Bali will equip their Catspaces with impressive tanks. And refrigerated volume is not to be outdone, at 9.35 cu ft (265 liters). This new model is available in a three or four-cabin version.

Builder: Bali Catamarans
Architect: Lasta Design Studio
Interior architecture:
Lasta Design Studio
Overall length: 40’4” (12.31 m)
Maximum beam: 21’6” (6.56 m)
Draft: 3’7” (1,1 m)
Light displacement: 20,280 lbs (9.2 t)
Maximum sail area upwind: 1,087 sq ft (101 m²)
Engines: 2 x 20 HP to 30 HP
Diesel: 106 US gal (400 l)
Fresh water: 185 US gal (700 l)
Price: € 295,370 ex-tax

NEW / TEST in MW173 / MOTY 2021 Nominee

This folding trimaran has become the flagship of the Dragonfly fleet - the last model in this size was the 12 M, whose production stopped several years ago. The program assumed by Jens Quorning, its architect-builder, is offshore cruising - with the emphasis on ease of handling, high average speeds and optimized size for berthing or storage ashore anywhere in the world. Note that there are two steering wheels. During our test in Denmark back in June, we appreciated the performance of the 40, but also its comfort and the extremely meticulous finish.

Builder: Quorning Boats
Length: 40’8” (12.40 m)
Beam: 13’1”/27’7” (4.00 m/8.40 m)
Draft: 2’4”/7’3” (0.70/2.20 m)
Light displacement: 12,790 lbs (5.8 t)
Mainsail: 700 or 805 sq ft (65 m² or 75 m²)
Genoa: 355 or 410 sq ft ...

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