A catamaran centre in the Mediterranean

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Today, 18 well-known professionals from the Canet en Roussillon region, involved in cruising multihulls have decided to get together as an association, to push their expertise and their competitiveness. The association, created at the end of 2011, is called Nautipole Mediterranée and even carries the 'Grappe d'Entreprises' seal of approval, which is a recognition of the existence of the centre of expertise by the public authorities.
From construction to a total refit, all the trades are represented (wood, composites, soft furnishings, interior fitting out, sailmaking, rigging, fittings, electronic, hydraulics...) and Nautipole Mediterranée's role is to publicise all these skills and show that at Canet en Roussillon, they like cruising cats and know how to look after them.
Duly noted!


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