A Class Nationals

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The proof, many of the America's Cup skippers trained for a long time on this support to perfect their knowledge of cats, before transferring to the AC 45. It must be said that with ten knots of wind, the A Class boats sail to windward at...12 knots!  
In France, the last Nationals took place at La Rochelle, and 47 participants made the trip. The weather was varied and nine legs were validated, which finally allowed foreigners to make a clean sweep!!!!  The 1st Frenchman was fifth. The winner was the British sailor, Chris Field, ahead of the Australian, Jack Benson, with the Dutchman, Arno Terra, completing the podium.   
For the European title, the competition took place in Italy, on Lake Garda, at the end of June, with about a hundred competitors coming from all over the world. The big winner was the Australian Andrew Landenberger, ahead of the British sailor Chris Field (who therefore took the European title), with the Australian, Brad Collet, in third place.


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