Absolu 50.2: it’s already tomorrow!

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And if you like fast, seaworthy boats which are lively at the helm, you will be delighted to learn that the 50.2 version of the Absolu is well and truly on the way. Equipped with a square-headed mainsail, the new Absolu will be even more powerful, and with its new curved daggerboards which act as foils, it should logically blow away anything on the water, and offer impressive averages at sea. The 50.2 has also grown, as it is now 52 feet long, thanks to new sugar scoops. Finally, the steering position will be offset to port, and above all, the interior accommodation will be completely new, with a new design, some nice living areas, a lot of stowage space and top class ventilation. In short, this 50.2 version of the Absolu is definitely built for ocean cruising.  
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