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Brittany, November 2020, the weather is cold, about 43°F (6°C), dry, the islands deserted, the scenery beautiful. Not only are we on the verge of winter, but France is also in the middle of a lockdown. A special authorization is needed to take this magnificent unit out of port. Today’s objective is two-fold, to do a test sail for a report in your favourite magazine, and also to take the official photos for the shipyard, before the owner takes delivery of 4ever.

For the outdoor part of the photoshoot, the models, who couldn’t really be seen as if dressed for winter sports, were freezing, but they stuck with it until the end of the day. Come nighttime, we made a high-speed return to the port of Concarneau. Certainly one of the most beautiful photo sessions I have had the chance to enjoy. Some might have had a sore throat for a few days after, but the images taken that day will live on in our memory. The light and the setting were simply magnificent. And then, ...

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