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DRAGONFLY 40: A trimaran that's going to go well!

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 And even though it was hard to imagine the full wingspan (8.40 m / 27½ feet, unfolded) of the largest of the Dragonflys, we have to admit that this 40-footer impressed us with the quality of her finish. With taut lines to the hulls and a sail area/weight ratio double that of cruising catamarans of the same length, her performance should be more than flattering, especially with the Ultimate version and its carbon mast. First seatrials on the water are planned for April. Congratulations are due for the storage space provided in the floats: you can even slide a kayak in there! The beam of the central hull is wide enough to offer a cozy layout with 1.95 m (6’5”) of headroom - which understandably reminds us more of a monohull - minus the heel - than the nacelle of a catamaran.



Builder: Quorning Boats

Length: 12.40 m (40’8”)

Beam: 4/8.40 m (13’2”/27’7”)

Light displacement: 5.8 t (12,800 lbs)

Draft: 0.70/2.10 m (28”/6’11”)

Mainsail area: 65/75 m² (700 / 805 sq ft)

Genoa: 33/38 m² (355 / 410 sq ft)

Gennaker: 110/140 m² (1,185 / 1,505sq ft)

No. of bunks: 6-8

Water: 220 l (58 US gal)

Diesel: 150 l (40 US gal)

Engine: 40 HP / 29 kW 

Price: € 559,000 ex-tax


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