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Earthling-40 PowerCat - Fine hulls for limiting drag

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This sailing-style design is no longer in vogue in the world of powercats, but thanks to the slenderness of the hulls, it generates very little drag at low and medium speeds. That said, the boat's beam is considerable, and the original coachroof limits the output of the solar panels to 2 kWp. The two powerful 50 kW motors are deliberately oversized - at 10 knots, they consume just 7.5 kW each. This remarkable efficiency is due in part to the large 600 mm (just shy of 24”) propellers, which turn at a relatively slow speed of 400 to 600 rpm. With 22 kWh of battery power in each hull, the Earthling-40 PowerCat has a maximum range of 40 miles in all-electric mode. The maximum range is 18 miles at 10 knots. Two generators, each rated at 8.5 kW, make it possible to maintain this speed without losing battery charge. The manufacturer uses a high-performance, automated interface to free the captain up from the hassle of energy management.

Builder: Earthling
Length: 39’4” (12 m)
Beam: 18’1” (5.5 m)
Displacement: 7,720 lbs (3.5 t)
Draft: (30” 0.75 m)
Motors: 2 x 50 kW
Batteries: 4 x 11 kWh
Cruising speed: 10 knots
Max. speed: 18 knots
Price: € 895,000 ex-tax


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