Ecocat - The zero-emissions catamaran from Fortabat Yacht Design

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The ECOBAT uses natural materials in its construction, which can be easily sourced on every continent, thus reducing the pollution caused by the transport of materials and hulls. Fortabat Yachts Design has opted for an assembly of flat panels made of natural fibers in order to avoid the use of molds - which otherwise implies the single use of many consumables. The lightweight platform, with structural fittings, will be made entirely of natural materials. The ECOCATs will be offered for construction in kit form, thanks to digital plans and cutting files. Is now the time for a return of amateur construction, so popular back in the 1970s and 80s? It’s an activity, still very much in evidence in the Netherlands and in Australia, that allows for reduced costs, and encourages us to think smaller and simpler... and it’s also ecological. 


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