Excess 11 - Already 200 examples built!

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The two big sisterships to the Excess 11 shared too many common elements with the Lagoon models, and were somewhat interfering with the production of the Lagoon 40 and 50, whose delivery times were already long enough... The Excess 11, which is celebrating its 200th unit splashed, has also been able to take its place among a very limited number of competitors in this size of catamaran. Ultimately, it has benefited from the soaring prices that penalize the larger models. Pleasant to helm - especially in the Pulse Line version - fun, comfortable and relatively affordable, the 11 will be offered in a version with overlapping jib to offer that little bit more under way. A new model positioned between the 11 and 14 is due to be announced very shortly. With the number 13 being somewhat dubious, we reckon that the next catamaran might be the Excess 41, so as not to interfere with the Lagoon 40 and 42 that are still in production. All bets on the name are welcome!

Builder: Excess Catamarans
Architect: VPLP
Overall length: 37’6” (11.42 m)
Beam: 21’7” (6.59 m)
Draft: 3’9” (1.15 m)
Displacement: 19,850 lbs (9 t)
Upwind sail area/Pulse Line: 829/882 sq ft (77/82 m²)
Mainsail: 592 sq ft (55 m²)
Self-tacking jib: 236 sq ft (22 m²)
Code 0: 581 sq ft (54 m²)
Motors: 2 x 29 HP
Fuel: 105 US gal (400 l)
Water: 79 US gal (300 l)
Cabins: 3/4 

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