Excess 14 - Priority given to the pleasure of helming

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This model, following on from the Excess 11, validates the principle of total autonomy: no elements coming from Lagoon are used here. The emphasis has been placed on the pleasure of helming, with asymmetrical hulls, deeper appendages and a sail plan potentially boosted by a boom that’s almost flush with the bimini and large downwind sails secured to long bowsprit. Compared to the Excess 11, note the return of an overlapping genoa and a pivoting helm seat that is more functional (it is integrated into the mini-bimini) than the old folding seats. The colors and materials are also a little more neutral than the flashier ambiance seen aboard the Excess 12 and 15.

Builder: Excess Catamarans
Naval architect: VPLP
Interior design: Nauta Design
Hull length: 43’9” (13.34 m)
Beam: 25’9” (7.87 m)
Air draft standard rig: 64’11” (79.78 m)
Air draft Pulse Line: 70’8” (21.54 m)
Light displacement: 25,794 lbs (11.7 t)
Sail area: 1,270/1,440 sq ft (118/134 m²)
Code 0: 590/775 sq ft (55/72 m²)
Engine: 2 x 45 or 2 x 57 HP
Fuel: 2 x 53 US gal (2 x 200 L)
Water: 79 or 158 US gal (300 or 600 L)
Berths: 6 to 12
CE Certification: A: 10 - B: 12 - C: 16 - D: 20
Price: € 495,000 ex-tax 

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