Galileo² - The catamaran that costs 500 billion (or 500 million?)

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Check out this hallucinating project by German naval architects, Beiderbeck Designs: their catamaran, a real floating city, is nearly 650 feet (200 meters) long and houses a marina inside - with no less than 260 feet (80 meters) of dock space. As for the amenities: an open-air cinema, an Olympic swimming pool, a hospital, a helicopter and all the water toys you could dream of for a successful cruise. Galileo² offers a top speed of 22 knots and a range of 19,000 miles. It is designed to accommodate 38 guests, although requires 75 crew members - and will cost £450 billion according to our colleagues at Mailonline (Daily Mail). Is that a typo? Probably: this amount corresponds to a third of Australia's GDP... 500 million euros would be more likely when you consider the cost of the world's largest cruise ship - 1.2 billion euros. We have contacted the architects for confirmation.


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