Gunboat 80 - Next step: installing the deck!

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The height of the platform (over three feet) leaves no doubt: the architects have put the accent on seakeeping performance! We ought to point out that the team that designed this impressive catamaran is none other than the one that worked on the 68 - VPLP/Le Quément/Chedal Anglay are at the helm. While the Gunboat 80 is designed to set the GPS alight, it’s not going to be all that extreme: its 102-foot (31 m) mast - all carbon of course – is just 6½ feet (2 m) taller than that of the 68. On the other hand, it will support much more sail area – 4,380 square feet (407 m²) of upwind canvas compared to 2,240 to 2,715 (208 to 252) for the 68. The extra power will also be available thanks to the greater length - and especially the righting moment, the latter increasing by 40% compared to the 68. This should ensure 25% better performance than the 68.

Technical specifications:
Hull length: 78’ (23.95 m)
Waterline length: 78’ (23.95 m)
Beam: 32.8’ (10 m)
Draft: 4.9’ or 5.7’/15.1’ (1.50 or 1.70/4.60 m)
Air draft: 113’6” (34.6 m)
Displacement: 61,750 lbs (28 t)
Fuel: 2 x 185 US gal (2 x 700 l)
Water: 2 x 185 US gal (2 x 700 l) 

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