HH60 - A high-performance catamaran with deep daggerboards and an extra-wide cockpit

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Upwind, the daggerboards can push the draft down to just over 13 feet (4.00 m): we suspect that upwind course-keeping will be exceptional. The deck layout has two particularities: firstly, a cockpit that is as wide as it is streamlined, and secondly, twin helm and maneuvering stations at mid-height. The protection of the area is ensured by three small independent biminis or one larger, more enveloping one.

Builder: HH Catamarans
Length: 58’11” (17.95 m)
Beam: 26’8” (8.12 m)
Light displacement: 34,175 lbs (15.5 t)
Draft: 4’3”/13’1” (1.3/4 m)
Mainsail: 1,509 sq ft (140.15 m²)
Solent: 750 sq ft (69.63 m²)
Engines: 2 x 57 HP 

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