HopYacht 30 - An all-electric catamaran from South Africa

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The catamaran is environmentally friendly, being powered by two 6 kW E-Propulsion pods, equivalent to 9.9 HP engines, but obviously with no pollution or noise. Add to that an induction plate in the galley and an electric water heater, there is no fossil fuel on board. The accommodation is surprisingly comfortable for a unit of this size. The designers have limited the beam to 11’3” (3.44 m) in order to limit the price of berthing. The HopYacht can be disassembled and its two hulls each fit into a standard shipping container. The manufacturer is proposing an interesting model of shared ownership for 6 people (or 3 couples). The first HopYacht 30 will be delivered to a charter base in Greece for the start of the 2023 season.

Builder: HopYacht
Architect: Du Toit Yacht Design
Length: 30’8” (9.35 m)
Beam: 11’3” (3.44 m)
Draft: 2’4” (0.7 m)
Air draft: 39’4” (12 m)
Sail area: 318 sq ft (29.5 m²)
Price: $ 200,000 ex-tax 

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