Innovative solution for in-water boat maintenance

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The Hulltimo Pro solution comprises an underwater robot plus a handheld video control panel.
You simply schedule your Hulltimo cleaning session with a Hulltimo-approved boat cleaning professional. The professional will come to your mooring with the Hulltimo solution and carry out the hull cleaning operation.
An on-board camera allows the operator to monitor the evolution of the underwater cleaning operation. If you are not present at the time, you can request an email update (including photos) as soon as the Hulltimo cleaning operation is completed.
•    Gentle cleaning solution without the risk of damaging your boat
•    Visual confirmation for greater peace of mind, thanks to emailed photos of your hull after the cleaning operation
•    Hassle-free, in-situ cleaning – no need to move your boat or schedule a costly haul-out
•    Environmentally respectful cleaning that meets marine anti-pollution laws (removed debris is collected in a specially designed bag)

Information :

Contact : Yann Le Flohic – 33(0)6 81 24 32 51 –


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