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But the development of the market has made these kits rarer, and apart from the Australian builders Fusion and Spirited, there are very few offers.
To meet this demand, ADN-Bernard Lelièvre is now offering a whole range of catamarans, available in all stages of construction: from the kit to be assembled yourself, to the ready-to-sail cruising boat.
The kit version includes all the plywood panels, completely cut out digitally, ready to be assembled by the prospective builder, with its construction manual and the full dossier allowing you to have its construction certified to CE standards, by an approved organisation.
The other stages of construction are built in collaboration – partnership with a particularly dynamic builder in the south of France: Multi-Composites...  
All you have to do is choose from a range of catamarans from 32 to 46 feet, and get stuck in…

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