Komorebi 200

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VPLP Design is presenting this second, smaller version of its hybrid trimaran project, Komorebi, unveiled in 2015, but this time intended for the scientific community, to offer it a stable boat with a shallow draft, capable of accommodating 24 people plus 15 crew members, a multitude of exploration machines and research equipment, whilst remaining ecologically clean.  Its two unstayed rotating wing masts are made up of a rigid carbon structure and a telescopic composite casing which unfolds to 298 m² and retracts electrically to furl and reduce the area, so as to have a constant propulsive power according to the wind strength. Two 560 kW electric motors supplied by solar panels and diesel generators are there for back-up in case the wind drops, to ensure a speed of 15 knots whatever the conditions, as the boat can also make this speed under sail alone. A 7m prototype is currently being studied to validate the process.

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