Kronland II - A house that is not afraid of choppy seas!

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The Kronland II is equipped with two helm stations - the first installed outside on the upper deck while the second one is protected inside. The modest size of this houseboat makes it possible to handle it alone, even through locks, without any difficulties. There is living space of 235 sq ft (22 m²), and the interior layout can accommodate six people. In practice, it is rare for more than two people to be living on board. Therefore, the cabin at the stern is usually used as a dressing room, office, cloakroom or storage space. In a few simple steps, it can be converted into a guest cabin with a double bed. The hybrid combustion engine/photovoltaic panel setup produces enough electricity for the onboard grid and hot water. The surface area of the deck plan as well as the cockpit is about 183 sq ft (17 m²), which gives a total useable area of 420 sq ft (39 m²). Bicycle storage is provided.

Length: 36’9” (11.20 m)
Beam: 11’4” (3.45 m)
Draft: 16”/26” (0.41/0.65 cm)
Displacement: 6,860 lbs (3,110 kg)
Payload: 3,085 lbs (1,400 kg)
Water: 2 x 79 US gal (2 x 300 l)
Fuel: 2 x 52 US gal (2 x 200 l)
Engines: 25 to 80 HP (40 HP recommended)

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