M2, an attractive programme

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M2 owners have validated their 2013 racing programme, and have decided to cancel trips abroad this year... They are replaced by a return to Neuchâtel for three events: the '100 milles du Lac de Neuchâtel', the 'Grand-Prix d’Estavayer', and of course, the essential 'Bol d’Or du Lac de Neuchâtel'. Participation in the major Lake Geneva races is also on the programme, as well as the 'Grand-Prix de Genolier'. A 'Grand Prix de Rolle', in August, will complete this rich programme. This will be run on the owner-helmsman model, which is a real new feature this year...
If you get the chance, don't miss seeing these dragonflies flying a hull on the fresh water; the spectacle is always incredible.


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