Naming ceremony for the Toro 34

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This catamaran, with its inverted daggerboards and its nice-looking decoration, radiates speed and the first photos give a glimpse of its fiendish potential. The first outings actually allowed the cat to reach 20 knots, with...18 knots of wind, but safely, thanks to the volume of the hulls. Finally, the helm remains light and control is easy, even at high speed. In any case, this is the feedback from these first sails.  
As it was built in Canada, the project's patron couldn't be anyone else than the 'high priest' of the multihull, Mike Birch. The Canadian therefore took great pleasure in ceremoniously naming the catamaran, whose programme is sporting raids for a crew of from four to six people. Equipped with 4 berths, the Toro 34 can easily be dismantled, and two people can assemble it, without external motorised assistance.  

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