Nemesis One - Luxury at 50 knots

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The management of these is fully automated foils is according to the wind and sea conditions. The luxurious facilities are equipped with large opening roofs, so you can sleep under the stars if the weather allows... but the comfort features are also modular and removable so that you can create a racing configuration. The designers expect top speeds of around 50 knots. This catamaran will be fitted with hydrogen engines and 8,075 sq ft (750 m²) of solar panels, so won’t be producing any polluting emissions. 332 feet (101 meters) long, 128 feet (39 meters) in the beam, an 292-foot (89-meter) mast, 12,150 sq ft (1,130 m²) of living space and 8,180 sq ft (760 m²) of deck space... figures that make you dream!

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