ORC 42 - New departure for this ocean passage-maker?

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The hull molds are in fact the property of Régis Guillemot, who is tempted to relaunch production of this compact, lightweight ocean-going cruiser at an affordable price, as a response to the problem of rising prices for our beloved multis... For their part (as this edition goes to press), the Grand Large Group hasn’t ruled out continuing production of this model. As a reminder, seven years after the launch of the first TS42 - and some twenty units sold - Marsaudon Composites reworked the deck layout, the general design of the coachroof and the interior, to bring us the ORC 42 (the TSs having since become ORCs). The uncluttered styling of the interior, combined with meticulous ergonomics, in no way detracts from the cocooning feel much appreciated when blue water cruising.

Builder: selection in progress
Length: 42’10 (13.05 m)
Beam: 24’4” (7.42 m)
Light displacement: 14,110 lbs (6.4 t)
Draft: 4’11” (1.5 m)
Mainsail: 705 sq ft (65.5 m²)
Solent: 378 sq ft (35.1 m²)
Engines: 2 x 29 HP

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