Outremer 52 - Long-haul cruising

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The shipyard was keen to work with naval architects VPLP, along with the big names in French design (Patrick Le Quément, Darnet Design, Saguez & Partners), and also with the expertise of the Gunboat shipyard (also a member of the Grand Large Yachting Group), making it possible to reduce the weight of the structure while retaining its ultimate strength. This has allowed for increased glass surfaces and openings in the catamaran.
With the aim of easier control of the Outremer 52, sail handling and trimming maneuvers are led back to the cockpit. Like the Outremer 55, the wheel, positioned on the starboard side, guarantees perfect control of the multihull with exceptional visibility of the sailplan. It can also be placed in a low position in the cockpit to ensure protection from the sun or from bad weather - the helmsman is then sheltered by the rigid bimini. The two tillers remain a feature at the after end of the hulls. Inside, there’s to be a neat forward-facing bench seat, four openings at the front of the saloon and an XXL-sized bay window that opens onto the cockpit. On deck, for optimizing living comfort at anchor without compromising the safety of the crews when under way, direct access to the water now being made safer by the modular seat above the port side sugarscoop. The builder has always offered the possibility of customizing your catamaran, and the Outremer 52 is no exception, being available in three finishes - Life, Nomad and Sportline. Outremer has designed a modular space called My Free Space. Located in the forward port cabin, this space can be arranged in different ways - double cabin, office, workshop, dressing room, etc. The sail area/displacement ratio, comparable to that of the Outremer 51, guarantees excellent performance - even upwind thanks to the daggerboards.

Technical specifications:
Builder: Outremer Yachting
Naval Architects: VPLP
Waterline length: 51.6 ft (15.73 m)
Beam: 25.9 ft (7.89 m)
Draft: 3.5 ft/ 6.7 ft (1.07/2.30 m)
Air draft: 75.5 ft (23.05 m)
Light displacement: 27,550 lbs (12.5 t)
Mainsail: 1,023 sq ft (95 m²)
Genoa: 646 sq ft (60 m²)
Self-tacking solent: 484 sq ft (45 m²)
Gennaker: 1,507 sq ft (140 m²)
Spinnaker: 2,271 sq ft (211 m²)
CE certificate: 8/26 persons
Motors: 2 x 50 HP 

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