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Perils of the Sea - A fund launched to save Brieuc Maisonneuve’s catamaran

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At the time he had been leading the Rhum Multi category and had just resumed his route after stopping to provide assistance to Amélie Grassi, whose Class40 had dismasted. In challenging wind and sea conditions, a sudden autopilot failure appears to have led to the boat to bear away violently, followed by a capsize. The skipper sustained a few cuts and bruises but was quickly rescued by Jean-Pierre Dick, himself leader of the Rhum Mono class. He will be dropping Brieuc off in the Azores, but his catamaran is still at sea and upside down... For the captain, losing his craft is out of the question: a rescue/towing operation has therefore been launched!
If you’d like to contribute, a fund has been set up: 

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