Privilège: return to the origins...

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A return which announces a resumption of production very soon, once the tooling and work in progress have been transferred. The new team hopes to be operational from 1st September, and will be present at the Cannes (with two 615s) and La Rochelle (here again, with a Privilege 615) boat shows.  
The Les Sables site was preferred for the resumption of activity taking into account the existence locally of the human, technical, industrial and commercial skills which made the boats from these brands synonymous with luxury and quality. “The men and women who design, build and sell the boats of these brands are the company’s strength,” explained Gilles Wagner, the man who was the architect of this resumption and manages the company.   
The aim is to prioritize a re-launch which draws on an alliance of recognized skills whilst taking into account the current economic conditions. Priority will be given to finishing the catamarans already being produced, and the rhythm of manufacture as well as the employees will be organised according to the development of the order book.
Priority will be given at first to Privilege catamarans, with maximum optimisation of their manufacturing conditions...

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