Seawind 1600 Passagemaker - Reviewed, updated, improved!

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The height of the nacelle has been raised by 2” (5 cm) to improve passage through bigger seas, the platform is more rigid, yet lighter, thanks to the addition of carbon reinforcing, and the hulls have been widened by 4” (10 cm) to increase the load capacity and... the width of the berths. The starboard forecabin even has an additional folding bunk and extra storage space. Windows in the hulls have been enlarged, with blinds now recessed, and the finish is in light oak. The 1600 Passagemaker now uses a more energy-efficient and lighter (450 lbs / 200 kg lighter) 24 V electrical system as standard. On deck, it is the new anchoring system on the longitudinal spar that really catches your eye: it has been optimized to facilitate handling the ground tackle, limit the risk of entanglement of any equipment on the anchor itself and to improve weight centering.
Video presentation of the Seawind 1600 Passagemaker:

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