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The catamaran has just taken stock of the 2012 season, and whilst the weather conditions were never completely suitable, the foil catamaran has been rather fast, with the best time obtained for all the Lake Geneva records: the hour, the kilometre and the Ruban Bleu (the Bol d'Or course). The hour record was even beaten on 19th July 2012, with an average speed of 25.63 knots. The boat also recorded the best time of the year over the Ruban Bleu course, on 11th July, in 5h 11' 46", improving on its own record (set in 2011) by 22 minutes, but still 18 minutes off the absolute record... But you can be certain that from March 2013, the Hydroptè will be in the water again, trying to carry off the last few records which have not yet come its way!


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