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Sunreef Yachts - Integrated solar panels for the Eco range

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The new panels become integrated into all parts of the composite multihull - the mast, hulls and bimini - even though they are curved. The ultra-thin solar cells are impact resistant and highly efficient (24% more efficient than conventional panels). They also have the advantage of being light: 1.8 kg/m² (0.37 lb/sq ft) when most panels on the market weigh 6 to 20 kg/m² (1.25 – 4 lb/sq ft). Compare this weight with that of the construction materials: about 13 kg/m² (2.7 lb/sq ft) for monolithic polyester, 9 kg/m² (1.6 lb/sq ft) for foam/glass sandwich and 3.5 kg/m² (0.7 lb/sq ft) for honeycomb/carbon sandwich.
100 m² (1,075 sq ft) of these new solar panels represents 180 kg (397 lbs) even so, and some are placed high up... But the question of having such a surface area would have never even arisen with standard panels!

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