The 10 (wrong) reasons… for not yet having left!

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1- Your wife doesn’t like boats

Yes…there are lots of us in this category. However, with a bit of Machiavellianism and a lot of love, you should be able to sort this out. From reunions at your stopovers, enjoying just the ‘best moments’ together, to ‘active motivation’ via an introduction to sailing in some heavenly spot or other, and the killer argument: ‘this way I can watch the children grow up’… If, after arguments such as this, your wife still refuses to embark, it’s time to choose a younger one!

2- Your employer will not be able to do without you

You are convinced of this? So much the better! It certainly reassures your ego! However, history has proved time and time again: no one is irreplaceable! So you can leave with a clear conscience, your employer (or your company) will recover. And you will discover that life is there to be lived…

3- You don’t have the financial means

A specious argument if ever there was one! Money is essential if you want to leave to live aboard a boat… However, one of the magazine’s journalists sailed round the world for the first time aboard an 8-metre monohull, for much less than 10,000 euros (at the time). If you wait until you can buy the latest Sboubi 122’ to leave, you do in fact risk waiting for a while longer. The right boat is the one which allows you to leave!

4- You are afraid of storms

All the same, bracing winds, spray and dripping oilskins are part of the game… And imagine the tales you will have to tell when you arrive at your stopover: “I got caught in a serious depression…winds up to 156 knots and 30-metre waves… But I coped, by staying at the helm for 7 days without a break…” If after hearing your story, you are not bought a beer, there is no longer any hope for sailors!

5- You are afraid of pirates

There are obviously a few ‘hot spots’. But solutions exist to avoid problems – avoiding risky areas, always sailing in a flotilla, or by equipping your cat with a tank turret instead of its cabin roof, which is finally really ugly!  

6- You are afraid of not being able to put up with your wife or your children aboard the boat.

We have received a few reports of this at the magazine. But in this case, there are proven solutions: leaving singlehanded with the pretext of wanting to beat Joyon’s record, or leaving with your mistress - but in this case, don’t be surprised to find a solicitor’s letter waiting for you when you return… Note that this can be very expensive…

7- You get seasick

We ALL get seasick. Being at sea is not natural for a human being. But logically, this problem never lasts for more than a few days. Whilst you are getting your sea legs, plan a few meals which are easy to swallow…and regurgitate!

8- You are afraid of returning

In the opinion of all those who have left, this is the most difficult moment of the whole voyage! You therefore have three solutions:
- Organise your return in advance, both professionally and on a human level, to avoid being too depressed.  
- Don’t come back, and live for much longer aboard your boat.
- Subscribe to Multihulls World to remind yourself of the good moments of your voyage ( this is by far the best solution!!!).

9- You will disrupt your children’s education

This is certainly true! But tell yourself that they will be delighted. In the history of round-the-world sailing, children have never been known to clamour to return to school… But note, however, that no classroom can compete with the education a sailing voyage can offer them.

10- You are afraid of taking the decision to leave

And what if this was the real reason for your presence on earth? It is difficult to abandon everything to live your dream. But a solution exists: replace the author of these lines at work (if he were to leave, the magazine would certainly not be able to do without him…), and you can make a living from your passion for the sea. The author will take advantage of the opportunity to sail round the world, once he has convinced his wife, his children and his banker that it’s a good idea…

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