The Hydroptère in ocean-going mode

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But the ‘flying trimaran's' aim has always been to beat ocean records. Last year a lot of work was organised, to turn the ‘nautical F1' into an ‘ocean-going 4 x 4, and then go on stand-by in California, to try and beat the trans-Pacific record. But although the sailors were ready, the weather was the deciding factor, and as no window opened up to allow the crossing in the best conditions, Alain Thébault rightly decided to postpone his attempt until this summer. The winter has therefore been used profitably, to work on the search for new sponsors and to draw up a plan for the next five years. The aim is to be able to build a prototype purely for speed, to try and beat Vestas Sailrocket's record. The Hydroptère's skipper is quite simply aiming for 80 knots! In the longer term, the crew would like to perfect a Hydroptère 2, whose aim would be to cross the Atlantic in 3 days. Some nice projects!  

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