The 'little' Cup

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Created in 1961, it is raced as a fleet and in match races on very technical sport catamarans, equipped with a rigid wing (the famous C class catamarans). Does that remind you of something?  Yes, the 'big' Cup has finally invented nothing, and has taken a few decades to understand the advantages of the formula, and adopt it. The 2013 edition of the Little America's Cup will take place in Falmouth, in Great Britain, and should bring together ten or so competitors from all over the world. At the magazine, we will be carefully following the French crew, which has promised 'to make sparks fly' and keep us regularly informed about their preparation. We are even talking about a test of the little rocket, designed by Benjamin Muyl and Hervé Penfornis, two naval architects who elsewhere are working on New Zealand's AC 72...

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