The Saints

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Here is the letter we have received from a reader. Jean-François is cruising in the Caribbean aboard his Outremer 45, and didn't like the idyllic view expressed in our article at all:
"I have read the last edition of Multihulls. The report on the Saints is out of date: the doctor's house has not been maintained for years and is now decayed; in the anchorage for boats under 20m you are obliged to use a mooring buoy, which has to be paid for, with no services. The anchorage areas cover all the sites and there is a 3-knot speed limit, except for the locals, who don't respect the buoyed channels, and cross the anchorages at full speed, putting swimmers and in particular those who are snorkelling, in danger.  
To conclude, remember that to go to Dominica, you have to carry out customs clearance (passport mandatory) and entry formalities in Dominica (which cost) and be the responsibility of a boat boy. Whilst talking of Dominica, don't hesitate to call on the services of Martin, a former botanist, and his company, ‘Providence' (call on VHF channel 16). He speaks French, and the visit to the Indian river with him is a dream, just as a walk in the woods at his side is rich in adventures and discoveries..."

A word to the wise...

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