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BREAKING NEWS ! SICAT-80 - Under the sun!

Solar Impact has presented an ambitious multiyacht project whose bimini completely covers the main deck in order to optimize the surface area available for solar panels. Designed by Tommaso Spadolini (Roland Friedberger’s design), the CAT-80 could soon be built in Germany. The chosen material is aluminum. This multiyacht adopts a futuristic design, in perfect harmony with its 100% electric powertrain

Builder: Solar Impact
Length: 78’7 (23.95 m)
Beam: 39’4” (12.00 m)
Draft: 5’9” (1.75 m)
Displacement: 73 t
Motors: 2 x 250 kW
Battery power: 800 kWh
Max speed: more than 20 knots


NEW ! LEEN 72 - Ready for great adventure!

The interest of these new ocean-going multihulls is their very low drag. The LEEN 72 retains the principle of a vast platform sat above the three hulls but adopts smaller and more aft-set floats than those of the NEELS, so that the deck plan, seen from above, is reminiscent of that of a monohull – a very wide one! Maximum habitability, panoramic view from the pod, low consumption, good behavior in rough seas: the 72 promises to be an ideal craft for long cruising or even exploration missions.

Builder: LEEN Trimarans
Architects: Nivelt and Frutschi
Overall length: 71’6” (21.80 m)
Beam: 29’ (8.85 m)
Draft: 3’11” (1.20 m)
Light displacement: 28 t
Water: 264 US gal (1,000 l)
Fuel: 1,320 US gal (5,000 l)
Engines: 300-500 HP
Cruising speed: 12 knots
Max speed: 15-18 knots
Number of cabins: 4 to 6
CE Certification: A
Price: € 1,550,000 ex-tax


NEW ! SERENITY 74 - The temptation of 'all-electric'

This catamaran in now in build: this model, the big sister to the Serenity 64, will be powered by solar energy thanks to its 110 m² of panels and two electric motors of 25 kW, or more traditionally by two 435 HP diesel engines. The cruising speed in electric mode will be 6 to 8 knots compared to 10 to 12 knots with internal combustion - expected peak speed is over 20 knots.

Builder: Serenity Yachts
Length: 74’ (22.55 m)
Beam: 34’11” (10.65 m)
Draft: 33” (0.85 m)
Light displacement: 32 t
Fresh water: 530 US gal (2,000 l)
Engines: 2 x25 kW or 2 x 435 HP
Cabins: 6/8
Price: on quotation


NEW ! LONG ISLAND 78’ POWERCAT - Hull #1 launched

Early September, JFA Yachts launched their very first Long Island 78 Powercat. This semi-custom range of motor multiyachts for blue water cruising also includes an 86-footer, currently in build. The hulls designed by Marc Lombard are made of aluminum, while the deck, superstructure and wheelhouse use composite materials. With its two 500 HP Cummins engines, the 78 Power cruises at 12 knots, with three more knots to reach top speed. The objective, thanks to this moderate engine size, the large tank capacity and the extensive work that’s gone into controlling the displacement, is to offer transatlantic range. The deck layout presents some interesting innovations: the ...

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