Punch 1370 - Boat Review Teaser

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Christian has re-established a shipyard in Portugal and offers a complete new range of Punch models. Among these models, the 1370 is the first to leave the yard. Its short, coachroof with a cap reflects a clear desire to contain the displacement, which is just 8.5 t lightship. Inverted bows, narrow hulls at the waterline and a generous sail plan ensure both speed and an easy passage through the water...

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Builder: Multicat Algarve
Length: 45’ (13.7 m)
Length at waterline: 42’ (12.8 m)
Beam: 24’3” (7.4 m)
Draft: 4’2” (1.27 m)
Light displacement: 18,750 lbs (8.5 t)
Mainsail: 657 sq ft (61 m²)
Genoa: 506 sq ft (47 m²)
Engines: 2 x 30 or 40 HP
Water: 2 x 79 US gal (2 x 300 l)
Fuel: 2 x 79 US gal (2 x 300 l) 


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